My microphone settings are changed

Since I updated to 68 my microphone settings scramble every time I start TS or turn on my monitor with TS running(probably related to DP).
My microphone boost and the “listen to this device” function will get activated(normally both OFF).
I am running Asus Essence STX audio card and this issue has never occured before.
Anyone else have these issues?

Does this happen only for me?

We can only tell that we do not touch any settings.
We only read and use what the Operation system gives us.

You may check your drivers or if an OS update started this.


My drivers havent changed. If it could be OS update, I guess more people would have the same problem? I’m running Windows 10.

I noticed this change immediately after updating TS. TS shuts down when updating and opens again and when it opened I could hear myself (listen to this device) and my microphone boost was active.
This now happens every single time I start TS or if I turn on my monitor with TS running in the background (I never turn off my computer, only the monitor).

Ok, I have now debugged this issue some more.
If I shutdown teamspeak before I turn off my monitor, the audio settings WILL NOT scramble when I turn the monitor back on. However, every time I start Teamspeak the settings will scramble IMMEDIATELY.
Any thoughts?

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Same for TS5

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