My server nickname is hidden i can't see nickname i using that 5 years

Hey, last night i lost access to my server nickname i mean i had that 5 years i had it last night but today is just invisible domain still exist but i dont see and i cant change i cant create new one i cant do nothing how to fix that ? i have on email but is just gone somehow also on second email i have private server nickname for private teamspeak3 also i dont see that nickname but exist …

me brgts
<14:40:08> Failed to resolve hostname ‘brgts’

but i have it on email is just hidden somehow

and when i want to create new one is just bugged af

i change browser is not about browser is about myteamspeak… i create new email on new email i can create nicknames on this old emails what i use i cant do shi*

We looked into your account and see the same thing you see.
The names are still there but have no IP as the others you got.

We will investigate what could have happened here.


I hope you fix that guys so we can see our “brgts” domain and add ip cuz we have new machine and we have 0 players cuz everyguy is connected on that domain cuz that domain exist couple years would be helpfull if you react fast cuz we need it

All good now everything works fine! Thanks!

nvm i see domains i put ip but still people cant connect and we need 50 times to put login ifnormations to log in