My suggestions for TS5

Good afternoon, I would like to offer these things for TeamSpeak 5 (If you have already offered this, then please excuse me for repeating)
1 - The volume control as it was in TS3 for convenience so that you do not need to go into the settings and twist the volume to a minimum there.
2 - I think this will be 100% in the client, but I fantasized a little about the font I needed, alas. Well, it’s just a ban list))
3 - Maybe you should return the server banner to its original place as in TS3?
4 - Minimizing the tray as for me is a very convenient thing so that the icon does not take up space in the taskbar
5 - Time, how many users are on the server in “Show Details”

6 - In the last update, you changed the size of the pictures in the channel description, maybe it’s worth returning the size back?

Sorry if the text is written incorrectly translated using Google translator))
Good mood to you all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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