My Teamspeak Jedi Badge is gone on my dashboard?

Hi! After some absence from Teamspeak I came back today and saw that I still had the TeamSpeak Jedi badge that I redeemed back in 2018 but when I logged out and logged back into the client it was gone. It also didn’t show up on my dashboard on browser before.

I logged out and back in because I linked my twitch account to my TeamSpeak account and thats also when I noticed my badge was not on my browser dashboard.

Anyone knows how I get it back?

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Make sure to double check it is in fact the same account and not some secondary account you have.
Badges don’t really disappear.


Well I checked the email of this TS account and it was the same one that received the jedi badge code. :confused: And I am very sure that this is the same account cause I don’t remember making or having any other account haha

Can you send a Screenshot or anything else?

Here is both a screenshot from my dashboard and the email that I got sent 2 years ago that I did redeem almost directly. And don’t worry the code obviously doesn’t work anymore as I did redeem it.