My TeamSpeak was reset ?!


i need help my TeamSpeak Account a resetet idont know. All my Favo and my Roles on all TeamSpeak lost my Identy to all are away…

Um, it’s hard to accurately understand what you mean.

Do you mean your myTeamSpeak account was reset?
Do you mean your TeamSpeak was reset? In a meaning your installation of TeamSpeak on your computer. Like your computer got wrong and you had to install it once again…

My deduction is that you mean the second thing, but please correct me if I’m wrong. Once that, maybe we’ll fix your problem.

all my favurit, identy are away (sync)

i think it was a reset :frowning:

Never heard of resetting anyone’s account… Why would anyone do this?

Please, tell me what do you mean by

cause I don’t understand you at all.

If you have problems writing English, use translator or anything similar, so we can communicate on some level, please. I want to help you as best as I can, but we need to cooperate.

  1. Did it just suddenly happen after a system reboot?
  2. Did you Reset your PC and then can not restore anything?
  3. Are you sure you had your MyTeamSpeak Account Logged in and Synchronising?

My friends, by the way, have the same problem.
For example: when reinstalling Windows, they download the client and log in to their account, but they do not have privileges.
Although before reinstalling they had privileges.

Can they check their identities and make sure that an additional one hasn’t appeared? That was a bug in older versions which we believe is now fixed.


Did not quite understand…

Did your friends logged into their myTeamSpeak accounts correctly inside TeamSpeak client or had they taken backups of their identitied before reformatting their computers and then put them accordingly? If not, there is nothing to do.

If they just installed TeamSpeak as is without taking care of anything, their identities are lost and every server groups must be given once more on every server.

If I understood correctly and translated your message.
Save your data as a file? as it was before the accounts.
After reinstalling Windows, log in to your account and import the files they saved, right?

Yes, you understood it!

When you have your TeamSpeak Client installed, press Control+I to enter Identities Options. On there, select desired identity, right-press on it and select “Export”, then save it somewhere safe and copy it onto some USB thumbstick.

On a new computer, or a freshly installed Windows, install TS Client, press Control+I again and in there right-press on the left side of said window and choose “Import” option, then select your saved file. Your identity will be back.

Additionally, create myTeamSpeak account and log in to it inside TS Client.

To do this, press Alt+P, enter myTeamSpeak tab and at the top either press “Create Account” or put your credentials in proper places and log in. Additionally, check “Stay logged in on this computer” window to not worry about anything.

Next, enable synchronization in a tab below login and select “Automatic”.

After that, your identities will backup on myTeamSpeak servers and if you ever have to reinstall WIndows, just install TS Client and log in to myTeamSpeak account and everything will be back, including your server groups as well.


Thanks for the help. I’ll tell my friends so that they don’t have such problems in the future.
Everything just works for me when I log in to my account, and they have problems with this now they will know how to fix their problem) :+1: