My TS5 Server with 10 Slots that was free is gone

Who am I
My Name is Tobias and i am an 15 Year Old Male who lives in Germany and has a good live as an School Student that currently learns for School to get a Jobs
Why do i blame Other User for this
Because if not too many User would try to get an free 10 slot Server it would be running right now and working i really hate these type of Persons
What can we do to fix this
Tell many People to stop trying to get Free Server and intead buy an Server if they have some Money and make something out of that
Will this get fixed
Maybe maybe not i am not Sure because there are a lot of dum peple out here that do dumb stuff to hurt Humans or Hosting and Service Provider

If you are talking about a server, which you’ve created at the beginning of TS5beta, I can tell you, that the free server associated with the TS5 Beta program are currently offline. In future, it may be possible to set up free servers again.

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