myTeamSpeak API

Maybe this has been asked, maybe no.

Having been around since way before the launch of myTeamSpeak though, I can’t remember nor find anywhere where a discussion about this took place.

AHA! gotcha.

There actually have been, but with no official response, so yes, I’m looking at @Adam @davinciTS @TS.ChrisR to hopefully get a response?

previous forum links where this has been asked, but considering we are migrating to here its probably important that something like this carries over for clarities sake.

The question remains

Will myTeamSpeak get an API? I’m not talking anything fancy, a good start would be something like a OAUTH way to login via myTeamSpeak externally and a way to get data back such as email address, badges, default uid.

Keep up the good work



I was planning to develop an api, but I don’t know if teamspeak had already planned something.
what I’ve already found out is how teamspeak hashed the password. if anyone is interested in developing an api in c# here is the code for it.


If you send a post request to with the email and the hashed password you will receive the session, uuid and the username. in json format


@Adam @TS.ChrisR @davinciTS anything?

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I’ve spoken to a few people and I don’t think we will be doing this in the near future, as much as a lot of you and us would love it.


shame :frowning:

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Small team unfortunately, so we can’t do everything all at once and have to prioritise. If anything changes though I’ll let you guys know.