myTeamSpeak service down (aka i've lost badges)

I logged onto ts3 and none of my badges are on there and i went to the website and it doesn’t show that I have any I had about 20 badges

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wait update

is there a update coming to fix it?

You are right. I’m missing the badges now too, but only after a client restart. It will certainly someone soon take care of it.

Same problem here, all badges gone. They dont even show on the website. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Looks like the MyTeamspeak servers are currently slow or not 100% working.

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Hi, it currently has a bug in the badge, neither do I have anything.

Probably a service must be down for some reason. I can’t see anything on “myteamspeak” page either.
Just be patient they will fix it.

Hello, everyone i’ve had badges but today something happend and i’ve lost all my badges i need help

Currently the MyTeamSpeak service is not 100% available, so be patient and wait till it is fixed.


Thanks for quick answer appreciate it!

So yeah i’ve lost all my badges and teamspeak says im disconnected

oh thanks

yeah, me and my friends have the same issue. Hope we get our badges back.

im getting the same issue, i hope this will be fixed soon

all my badges are gone can you help me

Hi, it currently has a bug in the badge, neither do I have anything

so i logged in today and i noticed that all of my badges were gone. I relogged into my account but this didnt helped. Do you know how i can fix this?

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Its not on your end. The servers are currently not working correctly.