myTeamspeak synchronization/login fails

Yes, i have already read this answer multiple times before posting this. Unfortunately i have already tried all with no luck.

I agree with the TLS enabling, but it worked perfectly for years until a day ago, and i haven’t changed anything.
As for the antivirus i tried disabling all the protection making it useless, but still it did not help.

I can’t connect to my myTeamspeak account on my computer. But I can connect to the website and on my phone.
That’s the Log:

22.12.2020 11:59:08	ProtobufRPC	Warning	Error contacting URL SSL_ERROR: Alert on protocol: TLS 1.2 level: fatal error: unsupported_certificate (43)	
22.12.2020 11:59:08	ClientUI	Warning	Account login failed, server currently not available. Retry in few minutes.	

I also tried to turn of my firewall and reinstall my teamspeak client.

I hope you can help me.

Try to Disable your AntiVirus and try again

Can you log in to myTeamSpeak in your browser and do you have an error message in your client logs?

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What was the yes referring to?

If yes, which one? @itzupsidedown

Dear TeamSpeak3 Community,

Since 08/24/2021 I have had the problem that I can no longer get into my myTeamSpeak account with the TeamSpeak3 client. It always says “Login failed. Try again later”, and I’ve tried being monitored for 3 hours. I also reinstalled the TeamSpeak 3 client twice and it doesn’t work. Can you help me please?

I’m still attaching the logs: Logs
Yours sincerely, Sven

Are you able to access in your browser?

Try disabling your firewall or antivirus program.


everytime i start TeamSpeak, its saying this message: Connection to myTeamspeak didnt work.
When i try to relogin, it says: Login didnt work, try it later again.
I reinstalled Teamspeak already, but it didnt work.

There is a problem with authorization in the Team Speke 3 client, although the account login is available on the official website.
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I ask for help in solving this problem.

Services are working fine.

Please check your client log for errors and make sure you can reach domain


Hello! I tried to use all the tips, but I can’t log in to my account under my name in the client.

Please post your TeamSpeak 3 Client log.

sorry can’t access it, please solve it?thank u

I would say. .It’s something going on with your network or firewall.

Even turning it off is useless help me ple :pensive:

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hi everyone since last night i can’t login to my account, i can connect via myteamspeak, but i can’t login to my account via teamspeak


Have you tried another machine?
Does this website work and can you login there?
Have you tried deactivating your firewall?
Are there errors in the client log?

Check your client log for the error you got.

Service(s) are working.


yes it works on I just can’t connect via client. Attached is the image of the client logs:

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