myTeamSpeakID - Option in the ban client dialouge


I had noticed; in the ban dialogue there is an option to fill in the field for myTeamSpeakID:

(See image for reference)

I was wondering how one would acquire that information for another user? The ability for people on dynamic IP’s to change their address and create a new identity (UUID) to ban evade is an unfortunate nuisance. By finding and also banning their myTeamSpeak ID it adds an extra level to the inconvenience of ban evading.

As the field is an option I can only assume there’s some way of finding this ID?

Would very much appreciate some pointers on this.

Thank you very much.

With the Theme Better Default you can find the myTeamSpeak ID for a user. :slight_smile:

Client myTeamSpeak-ID (shows only to registed users on myTeamSpeak)


Absolutely brilliant response. I’ve found it, thank you very much Rikku.

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

Way 3 is the clientinfo command in ServerQuery or WebQuery.

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that’s the faster way.