myTS services do not work (Badges &/or Twitch)

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Hello, trying to change my password without succeed I had to use the “reset password” option.
The system let me know that I needed my recovery key (ok, I have it stored since years ago), but at the moment of use it, it didn’t work!
Thinking that I can recover my accesses doing it manually and asking again to the servers’ masters for permissions, I tried to use the option “Alternative Option” (Deleting all) but again without succeed.
Since hours ago I’m trying desperate to request a new recovery key or to make the procedure called as “Fallback”, but not any explanation typed in the FAQ or posted in the forum are working.
Anyone could help me to solve this problem?, at least even losing my data I’d like to recover my account synchronization feature.

The issues related to the myTeamSpeak services got fixed.

Badges, Twitch, Recovery key or Fallback should work again.


Doesn’t work for me again. :neutral_face:


Fixed :+1:


Thanks for fixing this Problem. :slight_smile:

It was fixed, but now I am facing the same issue and it broke again.

Doesn’t work for me!

It seems the myTeamSpeak Service are not working correctly at the moment. I am facing the same issue.

Yup i confirm, MyTS got again the problem

The Issue seems to be fixed again. :slight_smile:

For me is the myTeamSpeak Service working


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