myTS services do not work (Badges &/or Twitch)

Hi, my teamspeak badges completly disappeared and i can’t select them both on client and site, how can i fix that?


Same here, all my Badges are gone.

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Yes, I can confirm the same thing is happening to me

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I confirm too, my badge are gone too :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Me too :frowning:

Can confirm this.

Seems to be an issue on myTeamSpeak.

My wife has the same Problem.
But not all user have this issue.

What about an official statement?
Issue? Bug? Hack? Error?

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me to

same here

same problem for me

same as her brother

Hey, i love TeamSpeak, but can someone explain me why the users are not getting their ranks? twitch integration is activated and the users have their accounts connected but its not working :d

thanks for helping comments!

Hi, yesterday I changed myTeamSpeak password, I saved the recovery code, but after typing it into the client, all the settings came back except my badges (over 50!)

pls help :frowning:

Any update about this? I still doesn’t have my badge? :sneezing_face:

Hi everyone, we are currently experiencing some issues with myTeamSpeak as you can tell, which is causing your badges to not display and any other service that is associated with myTS to not work.

Please do not worry, nothing has actually been lost or removed from your account during this downtime. It is unfortunate that this problem occurs on the weekend, as we are not officially working during this time, so it may take until Monday to resolve the issue on our end.

We will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.


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hello, so in teamspeak yesterday my teamspeak crashed. when i started it back up my teamspeak name had a 1 in it and all my badges are gone. any solution?

Me too, i have same problem with badges.
Yesterday i was on TeamSpeak 5 chatting with friend while playing one video game. After sometime we closed the game, said to each other “bye” and closed teamspeak.
Today i wanted to open TeamSpeak so we can pick where we left and there are no badges, not a snigle one. I had them yesterday but today, they are gone.
I tried with logout and login trick in hope that this is bug with TS5 since it is still in beta phase but no hope there. I opened Chrome browser to check myteamspeak account to see if there are badges and nothing.

I am waiting for the answer.

Have a look at this thread:

Just Wait for the Fix tomorrow

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