MyTS session expired

with the 3.5 upgrade ive had consistent (every 5 min)\approx) pop up “My TeamSpeak Session expired”. goes on further to say " If you skip this you can visit the settings later to perform a new login" I have had a discussion with a gentleman from teamspeak who forwarded to me this forum…unfortunatly i still have the same issues. my computer is hardwired into the modem, and i have not changed any settings as of yet. Thank you


right, there was an update available…updated the problem still persists im afraid…hopefully the next upgrade will take care of this issue, unless someone else comes up with a solution before that…thanks

This is not related to the 3.5.0 release.

The solution to this is.
Put in your password when you get asked for or logout/login in the options to get rid of it.

I have lost all my favorites becauseof this upgrade… Pretty sad and annoying

Please read everything not just a part of the reply.

no you misunderstand, I am able to login and use teamspeak, i use it in the background while gaming for the most part. The issue that arises is that this annoying popup comes on my screen, and puts evrything else in the background, which while in the midst of a game can be deadly…lol i would just like to be able to shutoff the popup if possible. thanks

And re-login did not help?
Can you please show a client log where it happened? At least something should be in there.

Multiple customers of mine are complaining that:

I just updated to TS v3.5.1 and keep getting the following msg.

My Teamspeak session expired

Sync Features are unavailable at the moment.
Please enter the password for your current account.
If you skip this, you can visit settings later to perform a new login.

[email protected]

Message comes up every couple of minutes and crashes whatever game I am in.

The issue is still happening over multiple days. When I get the client log file from customer I dont see anything that stands out.

  1. Is there any known issues with the myteamspeak login/sync system?
  2. Have you heard complaints like this recently? I tried searching the forum but didnt see anything although its possible I missed it.

Thank you for your help on this. We actually have people blaming us and canceling because its so annoying.

Thank you
Ben with

  • Can you please share your client log?
    Just copy the current log (Tools → Client log) where this happens.

  • Try to logout and login again (please do above first).

  • Does it help when you reset your password on myTeamSpeak ?
    Please set the same password as the current is already or else you are forced to use your recovery key!

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