Need help setting up ts3wi on my server

Hey guys,
so i started my personal teamspeak server on ‘Amazon Web Service’ and it all went great, server is working perfect!
The thing is, i want to use ‘ts3wi’, i installed it following these steps:

but on this last step:

i don’t know what is my client-ip or to how get it, i only added the teamspeak server ip line and i’m struggling to find out whats the “your-client-ip”.

Thanks in advance! Hope you guys can help me

Probably means the ip of your router so you won’t get blocked in case you type a wrong password multiple times. But in general you don’t need to add any ip in the allowlist.txt except the localhost, your own server’s public ip and the ip of the server (if it’s another machine) you are going to run the service from (ts3wi).

client ip is your external wan address if client if dynamic you are out of luck plus i use YATQA to manage my ts server as i looked at setting one of these pages up but never worked it out

Thanks , i think theres a bigger problem , i think its not the ‘proxy list’ that its making my ts3wi not to work , i’m going to try YaTQA

Decided to try YATQA and its working just fine! thanks