Need help with microphone

First thing is that i’m so sorry if category is bad but i didn’t knew which one i have to select and sorry for my english. I’ve got problem with microphone just like i can’t talk on new servers i mean i can use my mic only on servers that i had in bookmarks (only in saved bookmarks before this problem) when i try to talk on new servers my mic is not working, the blue icon is not shining for a light blue and nobody can hear me, i’ve tried to change ,push to talk" for ,voice detecion" and other option but nothing has worked. I’ve done reinstall of teamspeak and scan teamspeak files but nothing helped and I still can’t talk on new servers. Do you have any ideas how to fix it? thank you all <3

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My guess here is that you use TS3 and in your bookmark another Capture profile (and possibly hotkey profile) is set. And on new server the default one will be used where you have no hotkeys set or wrong capture profile (where a different device may be set).

I’m guessing because you gave no client version or operation system or screenshot of your setting or bookmark etc.

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