Need Help with Windows 11 Connection Issues

I’ve recently updated to Windows 11 beta and now have trouble fully connecting to my old servers. It takes a long time to try to connect, I can hear people in the channel and can message them but they can’t hear me and I can’t see my own messages being sent though I know they’re being received. Some of the channels load but after 10-15 seconds I hear “connection lost.” I’ve tried disabling firewall, uninstall/reinstalling TS3, not sure where else to go. Would ideally like to avoid reverting back to Windows 10.

As you said, you upgraded your OS to Windows 11 Beta.

As it is a beta OS, TeamSpeak is most certainly not really compatible with it right now and any problems you have might occur simply because your OS is not finalized.

Question for anybody using W10 and W11

Is there someone else with this problem with same specs (W11B + TS3)? Or is it an issue existing in Windows 10 as well?

I just installed 3.5.6 on Windows 11 and it appears to work fine. Only issue I’ve noticed so far was after running the installer I had open TS3 checked and when I closed the installer the window stayed and showed “Program is not responding” notice for a while then it closed and TS3 opened.

HW basics: B550/3950X/16GB DDR4-3600/RTX3060/500GB Gen3 NVMe

Just to update, I’m not having the same issue anymore, only thing that’s changed is there was a Realtek Net update and a new TS3 update, so it had to have been one of the two. Anyway, thanks for your help

In case it’s relevant:
MB: X570
CPU: 5800x
RAM: 32 GB DDR4 3600 MHz
GPU: RTX 3070
Boot Drive: 1TB PCIe Gen 4.0 NVMe

Same problem here.

I have today installed the release version of windows 11 and all conections directly time out. Reinstall of Teamspeak 3 and 5 doesn’t help.

Make sure you update your drivers.

There is a known problem with UDP Packets on Killer network cards on Windows 11.


yap I got the same issue I can’t connect to my clan’s server or any other, just getting a Failed to connect to server error, I think it because of the win. 11 beta