Need someone to help with teamspeak permissions


I am brand new to Teamspeak and i could really do with someone sitting in a call with me and showing me how to use teamspeak and set permissions

Any help would be appricatied

My discord is Fordyboy1#4402

I’m sorry but i do not use discord :slight_smile:
But i really want to help.

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Hi otoroot,

That would be amazing. How would we talk and sceenshare.

We can use TS to speak and teamviewer for screen sharing if it’s really needed.


Tha t would sound great, please let me know when you are free

let’s say tonight at 11pm ?

IP Address -
Password - wMUm9#eFSxY4

please use this to join

Wow , with this kind of password it must be the NSA TS that i will join ahahha

Do you mean 11pm gmt?

i’m already on your ts poke me when you are ready.

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