Need to change ip

In the server list i can see my server but its connected to a diffrent ip cuz im in a new house and the server ip is my old house ip so yeah i want it to be changed can someone help me with that

Weblist listing will change automatically, if your server have enabled reporting.

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What do you mean?

i have it enabled and the ip doesnt change

The list updates every ~10 - 11 minutes and whatever IP your server finds first is reported there.

To change your IP there you must own/use another IP. Contact your ISP or Admin or whoever has Access to change your own IP.

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but i have waited more than ~ 10 - 11 minutes and its detecting only public ip but the server gets created in private ip

i meant that server only uses private but in the server list it uses public

how do i even report my server to the weblist?

it’s enabled but its not updating the server is up for 3 hours 19 minutes

i always remember that

Again, weblist shows the address from which your server contacting it.
It simply can not be your private IP. Network just does not work that way.

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well i could change my server ip to that but i dont know how to cuz when i google that it doesnt work

great ip changed still cant enter that through server list

no it changed to my new public ip cuz i got a new router

but still cant enter trough the server list

only client stuff

i just port forwarded and then what is there a way i could change server ip

honestly i should give up