Need to move a server group

Hello All, I am having trouble figuring out how to drag server groups up and down the list. Anyone able to help

Can’t move it like that. They are sorted by the i_group_sort_id permission.

Wheres that

Permissions -> Server Groups -> Toggle switch to advanced permissions display -> Select Show names -> Filter by i_group_sort_id

I cant find Toggle switch to advanced permissions display

If your client is up to date it should be at the bottom left.

Can i send a screenshot

What is your client version?

Where do i check

Help -> About


Oh, wow… my bad.
You still have to enable the advanced permission system in the settings (I thought they removed this…)

Go to Tools -> Options -> Application -> Misc -> Advanced Permission System

Then the toggle button should be visible.

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Yes im there now
WHere is the thing to change where it is in the list

They are sorted by the sort ID. The larger the ID the more it’s towards the bottom.

Thank you i have it sorted now
Thanks for your help