Need to set a password but this section is greyed out

I have the server admin login name and password, copied down from the install of TS3 on my server, as well as the one time key. We had some one join the TS channels last night a screw off. Obviously, I need to set a server password so only people I know about can join. However, the section all the tutorials mention as to set the password are greyed out. I do not see “SA” by my login name, so I don’t think I’m getting in as admin as my self or with the admin login name. Can someone point me in the right direction. I hope it’s simple

You need to set permission b_virtualserver_modify_password in your Admin group to enable that settinngs for you.

The serveradmin login you got is only used for the ServerQuery and not in the client.
The Key you got needs to be used or was used from you to get the Server Admin group (serveradmin is not the same as the Server Admin group).

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How do I get to the Server Admin group ?

Ask the Owner of this Server

If you haven’t used the key yet, use that, or get whoever used the key to grant you admin.


I am the “owner”. I rent a server and they gave me the TS admin login and key to use. The key tells me it’s used, so I must have used it once, when I first set the client up.

Then you need to use the identity where the key was used on.
Or use the login and login into the ServerQuery and add yourself back into the Server Admin group.

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Is the ServerQuery on my renal server or accessible on my local PC as part of the client ?

I only have this PC as the place I first used the identity key, so that’s why I’m puzzled why my login is limited.

If you haven’t already, check you don’t have multiple identities (Tools/Identities) defined - it’s possible you claimed the key on another one.

If you’ve only one, then you need to do as TS.ChrisR says and add yourself back via ServerQuery. The name is a bit misleading - it’s not just for ‘queries’, it’s a control method for your server, built-in, and let’s you do pretty much anything (including fixing things like this).

How you have access to it probably depends on your renter. Look for something mentioning port 10011 (it’s probably that) - from there, you can telnet into 10011, use your serveradmin credentials, and fix this in about 2 lines. Might also be worth checking that your renter doesn’t have some command like ‘issue additional privilegekey/token’, because that would also sort you out.

Let us know how you get on with that, since I don’t want to start spewing out a bunch of ServerQuery text at you if we can avoid it :slight_smile: - the more you can tell us, the faster we can help!


check you don’t have multiple identities (Tools/Identities) defined

Where is this discovered ? Local PC folder, or a server folder ?

add yourself back via ServerQuery.

Again, where is this accomplished ?

How you have access to it probably depends on your renter.

I rent a MS server. I can’t recall if it’s 2008 or 2012 server, off the top of my head. Where would I find a reference to port 10011 to telnet ?

Update: I still had my old Win 7 hard drive in my computer. I booted with Win 7 and launched TS client. The server IP was not the same as it is currently, so I edited the server IP and connected. I am a Server Admin in that client. How can I “transfer” my admin status from one HD to another ? Is that possibly where the one time use key was used ?

Yes, but unless I know how and where, I can’t follow their instructions.

For instance, you told me to “edit your bookmark on your server” . I don’t use a browser on my server, so I have no bookmarks, and if I did, you didn’t tell me what to change in the first place.

If I am exporting the identity from one client, can’t I just import it to my Win 10 client ?

I have TS Client 3.5.3.

I have Tools -> Identities , but on that page , there is no export. Just Create, Remove, and Default.

I found the bookmark your talking about, but no one made it clear that in my local CLIENT, is a line called “Teamspeak Server” that all my channels are under. I figured when you say “server” that is my server that TS is installed on that we all connect to with out clients. Still don’t know what edit I am supposed to make there.

I was able to export my Win 7 identity, but I had to Google it. You have to right-click on the Identity to export. When I imported it into my Win 10 client, it was renamed as Default_1, since I already had a Default. Now, how do I get it to be the identity I login with and give me all the permissions.

I went to serverQuery and it gave me a name and password, but where/how do I use it ?

If you connect via Connect tab, on the right beside where you type in IP Address/Domain there needs to be an option called Identity or something like that (not 100% sure cause I don’t have access to PC, but should be close). In there, if you imported that previous Identity, select it from list, check if Address you wanna connect is right and connect.

If there’s not any option like that, check for ”Advanced Options” or something similar and click on it.

Don’t know if this can be explained even easier.

If you connect via bookmarks (yes, bookmarks inside your TS3 Client, so that you don’t need to type Address every time) just click Edit Bookmarks and change Identity just like in previous example. And then connect.

And one more note, once when you connect with secomd Identity, don’t change it back. And backup it somewhere safe just in case.


I renamed the identity and also set it to match the security level as the normal “Default”. I logged in with the nickname of the new Default, but I still have lots of greyed out settings. ( Which is why I updated the security level, hoping that would help. )

If getting my Server Admin group means I get the icon next to my name, no. I seem to have the same rights as I did before moving my Identity. I get all the menu items when I login to my rental server on Win 7, so there must be a screen with settings I am missing. I never got into any of them with that install. I just used the client , I didn’t customize anything.

I must be missing steps.

The two versions of Windows are on the same computer, but different hard drives. If I browse to the old location , on my D: drive, and find the exe, and launch TS, it ends up launching the one one on Win 10 C: drive. I can tell because the Nickname is the new one I made.