New License

How long it might take before we get our license after paying?

We paid already, but there stands still “processing” and if we click on “licensekey.dat”


Yeah its PayPal Payment :stuck_out_tongue: Normaly it should be directly

We buyed the license to host own server for our gamer community, because our provider had a down time of 8 hours now… we really hope to get the license fast, because thats the solution. And now it takes same long time ^^

How long has it already been?

About 20 Minutes, but we got it now!

Just one more question:

Just copy licensekey.dat into the teamspeak folder, restart and got it - correct?

Because there standing now “activation license” is that normal?

I think so. Just check if you can adjust the slots on the server.

Yeah it work = 128 slots

otherwise it would not working?