New media pack/branding page?


because of the new TeamSpeak logo the old Media Pack website was taken down from the homepage.

Now my question is, when will the new Media Pack website finally be online, since I still don’t know exactly what I’m allowed to cut out of the new logo and what not? There are times when I would like to use only the logo, but also times when I would like to use only the word mark respectively the lettering.

Is it only allowed to use the entire logo or just the logo itself or just the TeamSpeak wordmark, i.e. the lettering?



Total logo:

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We’re aware that the media pack isn’t on the website at this time, this will be added in the near future hopefully.

In relation to what you have asked, I appreciate that you would might have instances where you want to have the logo only or the word only (for like icons, or specific clickable links etc).

This is perfectly fine. The only thing you can’t do is alter the colour of the logo, text really, but we do appreciate whilst there isn’t an online media pack, there wouldn’t be guidance for this.

Here’s the vertical file as well if you need it.


All right! Then I know about it.

Thanks for the quick support!