New server-side features / new server software with the new client

Will there be ‘big’ new server-side features after finishing adding all of the Ts3 features to the new client (besides the global chat system)?

I mean, currently, you join TeamSpeak 3 servers with Ts5 / the new client.
The new client got a new look and is currently getting all features Ts3 has, update for update.

What I want to know is if your ‘only’ goal is to give the new client a new look or also adding new ‘big’ features, whose would also require the server software to be updated.

e.g. you add new chat-only channels (yes, copied from Discord, I know)

And if so, will you have a seperate Ts5 server software later or will the Ts3 client also get those updates which result in only one server software.


Does someone has further information about that?