New Setting key: vm_Popcnt

Could a setting called vm_popcnt = true/False(1/0) for us running Teamspeak Server on Hyper-V. After updating from 3.11 too 3.12 Server would not run Because Hyper-V Removes the POPCNT flag and alot of others…

You should probably read this document from Microsoft:

Hyper-V processor compatibility mode

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Please use the 32-bit version in case your CPU or virtual machine does not offer POPCNT feature.

Having a switch in server is nothing we can do.
This would need another server build next to the already existing one. This won’t happen.

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Thanks, looked thru it… And while not identical on Win2016, It worked. Popcnt is back… And 3.12 x64 runs happily… But I still think the vm_popcnt is a good idea to get around the VM hassle…

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