No Icon in task bar

Hey guys,
im having a really annoying problem with teamspeak 5. I don’t have an Icon image
I’ve already tried to reinstall teamspeak. But that doesn’t work. Are there any folders I have to delete manually?

Hopefully someone can help me.


That icon is cached on Windows and breaks when you move the client installation folder.
You need to reset your icon cache and make sure that the placed shortcut is using the right location.


Didn’t move the installation folder. I did reset the icon cache but didn’t work :confused:

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Is there a way to remove TeamSpeak completely and then just do a reinstall?
I also found out that another user on my pc doesn’t have this issue.

Uninstall it and install it again. As you would do with any other program.
There is no guarantee that the Windows Cache will fix then.

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Already did that but didn’t help. I also deleted all teamspeak folders i could find and then installed it again but it still won’t work :confused:

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I can’t see the icon on TS5.

It’s probably your problem, I haven’t changed anything. Who knows :slight_smile:

What icon are you talking about?

Have you tried clearing your icon cache?

I tried but it’s same. I’ll reinstall ts client :slight_smile:

App Icon that are not shown or do not update are a problem in the Icon cache from Windows.

Try to clear that one and restart Windows at least once.