No license 32 slots vs Gamer License 32 slots

As title, I wonder which is difference between those two type of licenses?

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This can be found in the Privacy and Terms & Conditions:

3.2.1 “Unlicensed”: Under the license model “Unlicensed”, the software solutions “TS3 Client” […] can be used free of charge. […] the use of the software solution “TeamSpeak 3 Server” to a virtual server with up to 32 slots. Use is unlimited in terms of time. […] The “Unlicensed” licensing model is available exclusively to non-commercial groups and consumers.

→ So you cannot use an unlicensed TeamSpeak Server for commercial use.

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But as I know neither Gamer can be used for commercial use.
Only Commercial as name can be used for that purpose I assume, and the ATHP are for this use, or not?

If I have understood it correctly the the ATHP license can be used to sublicense to third parties.

Others cannot be used for sublicensing but you can use the Server to generate revenue, for example selling groups / channels or collecting donations.

I think the Gamer license falls under the AAL license paragraph so 3.2.3


All Leon wrote is correct. The Gamer license is the AAL license and none of these license types can be used for to sell or give away servers for other customers. These are for personal use only.

If you plan to do this, please contact our [email protected] as given on the license page.