No sound while using bluetooth earphones

I am getting no sound when I use my Bluetooth earphones as the playback device. running OS is windows 10. Bluetooth device is one plus bullet wireless 2. it works fine with all other peripherals.

I’m not sure if this is the same as on mobile. But for the android client, after connecting my bluetooth headphones I had to enable an option in the settings (edit: TS client setting) to use bluetooth device.

its the issue with hands free and stereo mode. I am getting audio with hands free mode but its awful and while using stereo mode, there is no playback. I tried enabling APTx as my device supports it. It resolved the issue with stereo mode but then mic doesn’t work

Steps for bluetooth headsets:

  1. Go into Device-Manager -> Audio, Video and Gamecontroller -> Disable everything with “Hands free”
  2. Go into Device-Manager -> Audio input and output -> Disable everything with “Hands free”
  3. Go into your Sound-Systemcontrol -> Choose your device (not handsfree) -> Properties -> Advanced -> Disable the two checkboxes

Try this:

Settings / System / Sound / Sound Control Panel / Communications / Set to “Do nothing”

I did this and it worked. I can now hear sound over my bluetooth headset. However, disabling the hands free disables the mic.