Non-fullscreen use is not possible

Hey there,
TS5 is currently not more efficient in the non-fullscreen mode. Im using TS only on 1/2 or sometimes on 1/4 of my monitor (why even see it fullscreen?). But in this version it only gets even more confusing then it already is.

this is how it is currently looking when im using it on the half of my monitor.

Why is the chat on the side and not at the bottom? Maybe a checkmark in the options would be nice to choose where you want the chat. And why I have to always see all the other saved servers? If I want to connect to them I will click on them, but dont need to see them 24/7. Here are some low-budget solutions:

Any other opinions?

I only know how to use paint. Dont judge.

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I’ll get the point but in my opinion it is a good solution to have the Chat on the right side because you can read better in a Portrait View rather than a Landscape View.

I like the Chat History on the right side because you can see what type of message you got and you see if it is important or if you can reply later. For that you don’t need a Landscape view. An OK or an Thanks you can still see in the left Collum and for everything else you go into that chat.

Yea I see why you might like this design, but its just not comfortable if you move TS5 small. Its not getting smarter and option will hide behind a button press. Everything is still visible and not hideable, this just makes it confusing.

Here a TS3 to TS5 comparison on my setup:

Personally im just losing space. One big point why I will not use the new TS5 client and stay with the TS3 client.

You can use the client so that you only see the Server tree if you don’t need the Chat etc.

Yes I can make the window smaller and at a specific ratio it will only show the Server tree. But Why cant I chose the ration myself?
And there again the chat is a fullscreen chat and not possible to see Server tree and Chat at the same time. A scalable chat is there needed.
Its just not this easy and intuitive usable like TS3 Client. These things feel still really clunky.

I think that when they will release the tools or in-app option to full customize our client we will be able to move the chat where we want at least i hope so I’m like you I don’t really like the actual disposition and some things are missing but it still in beta.
Plus some people here are genius so if something is wanted by the community they will do something for us.
But i’m confident about the future of the client it will be fully customizable at least in term of placement and theme customization. Something like the dock widget plugin for ts3 could be nice.