Non-Profit Licence

Hello TeamSpeak-Community,

i’m using TS since 2003, i think, and be very happy with it!
Some days ago i’ve installed a TS-Server. The version “Free server license” with 32 slots. It works great!
For my friends and old class mates, we had a class reunion some weeks ago, i could need some more
slots. Is it still possible to get a new (free?) “Non-Profit Licence” with more than 32 slots, or do i have to buy/pay a “Gamer-Licence”? And what do i have to do for that?


NPL is not available for a long time now. The only way to get a free license is to get sponsorship license, but getting this is not as easy.

So either apply for sponsorship (which will be hard) or buy a license (which will be faster) or either find a server with a lot of slots, but it’s never sure if you’ll have an opportunity to create a large room just for selected group of people.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

That’s sad, that there is no NPL anymore.

Take care! Have a good one … bye bye!

When it’s possible, i would probably buy a running NPL (64 or 128 Slots).
Does someone offer such a Licence?


Some time ago it was possible to choose from a handful of licenses; 64 slots, 128, 256, etc. Now you need to go here

and search for yourself what you’ll need.

Edit: I don’t know the prices, so with that one thing I can’t help.

I’m not sure if this is even allowed, don’t really think so. You may could apply for an sponsorship license (more details here) or try to get a Gamer License.

The “Sponsorship”-License is actually the “new” NPL.

As far as I can see, pricing can be found here:

Also, if you don’t want to host yourself, you can find an authorized reseller via Find a host | TeamSpeak


Thanks for info :smiley: I wanted to reply as quick as possible and haven’t had time to check the whole page, especially on mobile :wink: