Not able to connect with server query via putty in my teamspeak server


Unfortunately, I’m having trouble connecting to my Teamspeak3 server via ServerQuery. When I enter the IP and port in Putty, nothing happens - no errors or anything. Am I doing something wrong? I set up the ServerQuery via Teamspeak (with a name and autogenerated password), but I can’t even get that far.

The port is 10011. Does anyone have any ideas?


And server log is saying that it is port 10011?

Would be that entry

listening for query on, [::]:10011

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Is it possible that I cant connect from outside to the sevrer query?
So the ts is on my server and I want connect from outside?
Default port is 10011 or not?
Or to add something in query_ip_allowlist?

nvm… port was wrong…
Thanks :slight_smile: