Not all spacers are shown as one

For some reason not all cspacers work.

It’s not a name thing. After renaming they still won’t work.


Is the channel permanent and have you tried to reconnect to the server?

There is a known issue when you rename a channel to become a spacer or when a spacer becomes a normal channel again.

On reconnect you should see the right name.

After a few reconnects it’s working just fine now

One reconnect should be enough.

Wasn’t the case for me :man_shrugging:

A cspacer channel inside another cspacer channel keeps being displayed as a normal channel after a while or the client is restarted

It is not intended to have spacers inside other spacers. This was/is not possible in TS3 either:

So the bug is that it turns into a spacer lol
It would be nice if this was a feature.

I see.

TS5 when created:
TS3 when created:
TS5 after reconnect:

@TS.ChrisR I guess you are the right one to tag here.
I guess this behavior is not intended and you (the team) missed a check in onChannelMove that is implemented in onConnect.

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Same as reported already.
See my first reply to this.

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If you set a cspacer in the lobby title it will be refresh only after reconnect to the server.
As long as you don’t reconnect the lobby title will look like: [cspacer1]YourTitle
If you reconnect to the server it will shown correct.
It’s reproducable.