Not every beta tester got homebase yet

Is just upset a little bit about we didn’t got some beta branch updates. I am at the Beta Testing program and seem still got no news for new updates. Is normal?

I would experiment some homebases but seem not apply to everyone inside the Closed Beta Channel.

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I also don’t understand why the b71 has been in alpha for 3 months now. In the meantime, everyone knows what’s coming in the b71 anyway, because no one here is big on keeping things under wraps lmao. So much for “we try to publish beta updates as weekly as possible” blah blah blah; it’s bullshit.

Homebase features are currently only in the alpha stage. It’s not really available for the closed beta yet. After the homebase community test was a flop the other day, it will take another century until something happens.

Currently, it is indeed low. That’s my opinion


We are don’t keep new features a secret, as we are allowed (rather supposed) to talk about bug in the alpha version publicly here on the forum to gather bugs more efficient.

In terms of Homebase release… It has not been tested so far, that the team would recommend using a main account for a real use case. So you can either release a unpolished feature and many people may be angry, as it does not work / they loose contacts / chat history etc. or you can wait till they are confident enough to release it to the public.

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Well, nobody says anything against that, but TeamSpeak still makes a big TramTram when too much is said again. It also takes the fun out of it for beta users if you already know what’s coming in the new update, but you can’t test it yet.

Well then you might as well forget about any new feature. Of course you can’t make an untested new feature available to everyone right away, but if it drags on for months, maybe you should prioritise something else for the next update. On another note, if you use the “debug mode”, which you shouldn’t use in the beta because it might break your client, I wonder why there’s even the option to use it to break everything. It makes no sense.

In addition, you also first need the requirements to set a homebase, which currently no one but TeamSpeak partners & alpha testers would have anyway.

The fact is, the way the client is at the moment, you have the possibility to scrap the client without the homebase. But the fact that even closed beta testers have nothing new in the client for over 3 months is simply a weak performance, regardless of whether there are only a few developers or features have not yet been sufficiently tested. Then you should just as mentioned above, first put the focus so that you do not stop the whole beta phase because of a feature or is that because of anything else?


I can understand that but it always the problem with testing phases / groups. Some people access it earlier and some people are still waiting for these features. A reason for fewer updates over the last few weeks / months is the fact that some people we’re not working due to holidays but then I don’t know why they have not pushed an earlier release with fewer features or just some bug fixes.

The sponsored TeamSpeak servers do not offer the ability to set a Homebase.

Yeah that is what they were trying last week but did not go as planed, as the server has not been tested with so many people and was just not optimised on these masses. Therefore the problem needs to be fixed and tested to see if it will occur during the next test again.

To end the beta phase I think they want to finish the testing phase of the TS5 server and are then able to launch the client into open beta as well as the server to offer the ability to host their own chat service.

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