Not working to move the users upwards

I get move the users downwards, but not upwards. This is a problem?
I don’t speak english, sorry.


This is a known issue, when transparent header are active.

You find that option under the Dev Settings. Just enter dev into the search bar on top of the client and the menu will appear in the popup.


Version: 5.0.0-beta41.1
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

When dragging users/yourself up the channel tree, it doesn’t always navigate up. If you try and drag a user up the channel tree to put them in a channel above your own/that user’s channel, it won’t even navigate at all, dissimilarly, dragging down seems to work pretty well, although I’m not entirely sure what the trigger is to navigate up or down.

Examples: 1, 2

PS: The report issue link in the about page leads to TS Support instead of this forum, maybe add a separate button to report bugs or make suggestions that leads to here? Just a thought :smiley:


This is a known issue. It is caused when the header (I think it’s called that). Transparent is activated.

Go to the search tab and type “dev” and go to develop tools. Then, disable the option “Use Transparent Header”

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Woah, I didn’t even know those settings existed :open_mouth:

I had no idea this was a known bug so I’m sorry if this just cluttered up the forum with something pointless. Thanks for the fix though!!

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I like the new client. Keep up the good work.
There’s one problem though: I can’t grab a user and scroll at the same time. That’s a real problem, if you happen to be a moderator on a big teamspeak server. Can you please fix that, or is it just me?


It´s not only you my friend !

Or add the possibility to drag a user upwards
Right now the automatic scroll works only down

Thanks for the advice. I can grab & scroll now, but it would be even better, if I could use the mousewheel to scroll.

Agree but this is not possible.
Even Chrome or other browsers can’t do this.

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Make it like TS3 where when moving a client if you hover over the top of the channel list it will scroll through channels, or make it so you can scroll through channels some way while moving people

maybe you could fix it by moving the scroll zone(?) towards the upper end of the window when having a transparent header? Then it would still be above the chat.

But that’s just my 2 cents

(PS: and also in general i think the zones i which it starts to scroll are very small and finicky)

(PSS: I’m very sorry now for sending you guys an email about this)

An update to this topic.

In upcoming beta update 53 this will no longer be an issue.