Notification of new user in the channel

Is it possible to set something, that as soon as someone comes into my channel, I am informed about it on my PC, if I don’t hear anything at the moment or the person doesn’t nudge me.

And can I have something like that sent to my cell phone?

Maybe there is a bot for this?

You have bots that can do the job.
For example:

how can it be implemented best, if you are not the admin of the TS but only a user?

There is a plugin, when someone enters a channel to inform you.

Can you use this app under TS5, don’t use TS3 anymore


I can not get the settings up, only in the json file? The settings are gray @opZ1ca

Everything works fine for me.

If it doesn’t work well, try to reinstall it and then install it again.

Hi, can you put in another tone as info? And can not you also set a notification, something you can quickly overhear?

As I said above, you can use a bot if you want to get a sound notification.

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