NPL > Free 32 slot and migration

Hello community,

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I got a little question regarding NPL licensing. Years ago, I subscribed to this for my community. As I understand, Teamspeak seem to have remove this kind of licensing model. (Or im wrong?)

Well, anyway. My server is running on a debian VM on my ESXI. Ts server is version 3.7.1. I wanted to update it to last version, but it wont start. I think that is a licensing issue.

So I want to convert it to the free 32 slots since my community still exist but have downsized.

Do you have a step by step guide to follow to be able to keep my settings and configuration and just replace the NPL license ?

Thank you very much for your time, really appreciated !

There’s a simple way to remove your NPL from the server if you delete/move the file anywhere else. But you may need to notice, that your license can get expired as well - if it’s not in the server while it gets re-newed.

You can simply update your server and this won’t harm your license as far I know. Just make sure that the server isn’t offline or the license should be used when it’s nearly to an renew.

It’s not to 100% removed.

NPL owners will keep their licences as far it gets renewed every year (annual). But if it’s not getting renewed, then there’s no way to re-activate it.

How can the NPL get not renewed?

If you…

  • violate the NPL guidelines
  • stop your server or remove your license at the renewal day

But currently the applications for NPL are still closed & won’t open up again. There’s the new «Sponsorship»-License Model.


Thank you for your great advices.

Will try to remove the license file and do the way you suggest.

32 will be fine for now.

Thanks you for your time and have a nice day !

All your info are correct except just a small difference, it’s every 6 months :wink: