NPL License today expired

Hi, everyone

i have a non-profit license and it expired today or was not renewed. the server was running all the time.

is it all over now or was it “forgotten” to renew the license?

please help me

We no longer issue NPLs, and so will not be able to reactivate your license.

The only two options you have are:

  1. To purchase a Gamer License:
  2. Or apply for a TeamSpeak sponsorship: Sponsorship | TeamSpeak

Source: TeamSpeak Support

However, the above post is already 2 years old. Last year Chris still meant:

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Hello, thank you for the quick reply. I’ve been looking for the last few days because it was already pretty tight, but I couldn’t find anything about the fact that the licenses are no longer being renewed. The only thing I have found is that the server should run at least 2 days before the license expires so that it can be renewed.

I am a bit surprised now.

And this is still the case.

But unfortunately here on forum we can not help you with any license related issues.
Please create a ticket for the Sales department and share all details about your license!