Oculus Quest compatible with the android version?

Would the android version work on the quest or it needs a dedicated quest version?


We don’t actively support the Oculus Quest, however the app might work. If you do get a chance to try it yourself we would be interested in hearing about your experience.

If it is something easy to implement, or there is enough demand we may look into it at later date.

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“Critical Payment Error!
google could not verify your payment status due to network problems.
try later or try opening from the market page.”

the market page shows it installed but to my note 8.
maybe I need to buy a version from within the quest?

Okay so looking into the Quest a bit more over the weekend, from my understanding it doesn’t have direct access to Google Play Store. The Teamspeak 3 app requires a way of connecting to the Google Play Store to verify whether the app has been purchased, otherwise throws the “Critical Payment Error!” dialog.

So at the moment the Oculus Quest isn’t compatible with the Teamspeak 3 app

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