Off Topic forum


it’s not really fair that my thread was flagged in this forum because it seems to have violated the guidelines.

Off topic means for me that you can spam in this forum and post anything you want. Because I assume that you can’t show any activity there (in the form of points or other statistics).

In my opinion the topic “Off topic” should be defined more clearly in this forum. If necessary you should also deactivate the activities there, because there is a game (click) which (possibly?) creates activity points.


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pls go reddit forums for spamming. its a forum for teamspeak based discussions not for spamming.

Off-Topic on any forum has never really meant you can spam, I don’t know of any forum personally that is okay with people spamming threads/posts.

If he meant not spamming he should’ve phrased it better, my reply was based on the assumption he meant spamming as in frequent posting.

You speak right from my soul.

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