Official TeamSpeak Bot?

Guess what, it´s 2020 and this shouldn´t be rocket science. People don´t want to spend their time setting such things up that complicated if there a tons of alternatives having a simple click by click interface that guides them through the setup and after that you can still do more advanced stuff through expert options, but for the majority the “basic” functions are more than enough to accommodate their needs.

I completely disagree. The aim should be that everyone can use it, not only developers or people that are interested in coding.
Most of the people that use TeamSpeak are definitely not developers, they are the average gamer or just a person using TeamSpeak to talk to friends.

Please don´t feel attacked by what I said but if people keep telling TeamSpeak that the complicated setup they have is good and users should just don´t touch anything if they don´t want to learn the hard way, then I don´t really see a future for TeamSpeak. I agree that having so much control of your server comes with a little bit of work and I personally think that this is great but it´s already hard enough to get people to use TeamSpeak nowadays and making things a lot easier really helps to keep communities together and grow them. (I did not miss that you also support making it more accessible. :slight_smile: )


This kind of stuff will always require some level of knowledge, unless you’re suggesting some Scratch type way to build bots. Even an API would need basic knowledge of programming concepts to be of any use and people would still complain.

“It” being what? apis and the query interface go beyond what a typical user usually needs for themselves and their friends. Messing about in them could lead to terrible consequences. However judging by the recent changes in Query (the inability to assign groups to a normal client etc.) suggest TeamSpeak are aware of a less able user base and the ability for things to go wrong quickly if people dont think before they press.

The complexity of the app itself however is its partial advantage over competitors and this must be maintained to keep it apart from the crowd.

Ironically query bots and stuff have never officially been “praised” or “wanted” by the company. They always seem to shun away and approach it with an attitude of “who needs it” or “its pointless”. So maybe before we expect a new interface we should first press for an endorcement of bots.


Sure, but there is a difference between fetching a JSON string from a well documented API endpoint and having to send a whole bunch of commands before you even get to the point where you get some awkward newline separated data back from the query interface, right?

Shell scripting isn’t fun and it appears that is what the query interface was designed to be used with. Sure, it works. But it takes way more work to do very simple things compared to a proper API.

Documentation is very basic or doesn’t exist at all. Guess why there are only a couple of people who actually bother with developing software for TeamSpeak.

And then look at what has actually been created and how rough a lot of that is around the edges.

My own theme is a huge mess on the inside and was rejected when I first submitted it because I used one of their “example” themes as the basis and TeamSpeak’s own theme didn’t meet their quality standards which are - by the way - not publicly available.

These are the obstacles we have to go through and this absolutely needs to change if they want to build a platform which people can build cool stuff for.


TeamSpeak already has that feature somewhat, like with kicking people that exceed a certain idle time.
Though I agree, the query bots are not an ideal solution.
I’d much rather see server-side addons, used like client plugins, just on the server (with a different interface of course)

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For exactly that feature a headless client with a proper api would be great, so you can optionally host them on a different server than the TeamSpeak Server runs on.
Official TeamSpeak Hosters probably do not like to let users run some maybe suspicious 3rd party scripts on their server.

Bots in my opinion are a good solution, all other big companies provide good support for them (telegram, github, other similar voice software providers, Twitch etc)

as @RandomHost already said, not everything needs to be included within TeamSpeak itself,its better that they can focus on core feature and provide an open api or similar and let the community do some work for them

The query api has had only slight improvements since the initial TeamSpeak 3.0 release for example there had been so much requests in order to provide more notify events which never had been implemented


Never said it wasn’t, I’m just saying that for a typical use-case, this goes beyond a typical users needs.

Again, never said it was good as it stands as you can read in my comment above. But again, before expecting new API’s we need them to actually endorse us making these things in the first place - at the moment all they do is moan :wink:

absolutely agree :slight_smile:

TeamSpeak should focus on a core product but allow us some form of access or ability to help. This could really make TeamSpeak stand out from the crowd and really show their openness to their own community.