Official TS3 Server requirements? (yes .-.)

I was never able to know this detail, I always found approximately data.
How much RAM, CPU Cores, and Bandwidth do I need for every user?
Which is the formula?
For example, how many resources do I need for support 250 concurrent users?
I don’t think is a negligible data, cause if you buy a weak VPS, I guess that ts3 server will crash.
At the other side, if you buy a too big VPS, you’ll waste lot of money.

Here you can see all the minimum requirements for a TeamSpeak 3 Server

Teamspeak Server itself isn’t verry big and doesnt need much resources

On a TS3 server with 128 Clients and more than 500 users connected (not all at once) The installation + sqlite-database-file + uploaded avatars is round about 72 MB of disc space size.


Yeah I found this page, but as you see it’s not so specific, I mean, it say:

  • For the CPU: SSE2 capable CPU (yeah but how much power per client?)
  • For Memory: This depends on the operating system being used, however a minimum of 1 GB RAM is recommended. Total memory usage depends on the number and size of hosted virtual servers. (ok, so how do I know how much RAM do I need for example 250 users connected all at once?)
  • For the Hard disk: The bare minimum installation is 15 MB. (here I can agree it’s not so much important)
  • The truth for this specific CPU question:

You won’t get any hared numbers. No situation with clients, Query is the same on each server.
It all depends how much activity you got on server.

You may have a server where only default groups exist and these 250 users are split in channel with max 2 users. So the load is not that high.

You may have the same 250 users in one channel and the load is much much more because talk status and every other data needs to be shared with these, which wasn’t the case before and so load becomes much higher.

Or these 250 users do switch a lot and get new assignments of groups. Which also causes load.
Or these 250 users do switch a lot but only some of these can see into other channels. Which reduces the load again.


So you are telling me that with a VPS with 2 vCore and 2 GB RAM I should stay safe in every possible case.
Or is better I take a VPS WITH 4 vCore and 4 GB RAM for a better safety?

2 Cores may be enough, but we can’t ensure hard numbers as I wrote above.


Its enough, we use 1 core at the moment :smiley:
(100-200 user and a ranksystem on our linux vps)

What about RAM?

cough cough


yeah yah :rofl:

I was referring to how much RAM did he choose, cause on some websites I read that every 50 concurrent users could require 1GB and I was suggested to choose a VPS with 4GB in my case

I read it in an unofficial teamspeak forum and then I started be confused a bit

OK? That’s a bit unrealistic (from our point of view).
There not as much data about a client stored in RAM to fill up this much with the amount of users.



I don’t know how they told me that, they are not ts3 devs but as I understood they created a very very similar voip and told me to respect those requirements I wrote before if I want stay sure.

Btw is there a max RAM amount a single client can take?

200-300MB (in our case)