Offline Contacts are not shown in their actual contact category

Showing my offline contacts in their actual group does not work for me. I have also tried this with contacts that I have re-added. They are still all sorted into the “other contacts” group.
In addition the contacts who are online and also have a group are displayed twice.

EDIT : does not applies to the favorite contacts!


What you report here is indeed a desired behavior of categories.

  • Categories only appear when at least one member of it is online. Could be improved but needs to be discussed first.
  • Favorites are designed to ignore categories and to show as other when you do not group offline contacts.

All right. Personally, when I set this setting I would wish to view my offline contacts in their respective group and have the option to sort them alphabetically or by their status (online/offline). Unlike for now that they are all displayed at the bottom with other contacts.

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My suggestion: (sorted by status / offline contacts shown in actual group)

  • current design
  • my suggestion

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In the meantime I also wanted to point out the choice of the settings in terms of simplicity. In practice the option “show offline contacts” could also be left out. If I sort my offline contacts together into 1 group I indirectly hide all offline contacts (if i collapse the group). Of course you can also just leave it as it is.


In upcoming beta 63 offline contacts will be placed in the custom category as long the setting to group offline contacts is disabled and setting to show offline contacts is enabled.