Old Forums Database


So the new forum looks great, its more interactive as accounting is done from myteamspeak.

I just wanna ask about the old forum database. Will you keep this database for a while? I remember there were a lot of things in old discussions that people can really look for to find solutions to the problems. I would find some time to look for my chrome history in order to find some important queries that might come handy in the future in case you guys want to take it down totally.


Yes I know they say they will lock the forums down but it will be readable. I was just asking for how long it will remain readable :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll double check and let you know, but as far as I’m aware it’ll stay there indefinitely. If it turns out that this will not be the case, I’ll give you all plenty of warning before it is removed.


How can I access the old forum? https://forum.teamspeak.com/ redirects now to https://community.teamspeak.com/.

I think the old forum is now completly dead :frowning:

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In that case I sure would have liked to get plenty of warning beforehand.

There was so much Information in the old forum, what the hell.

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Well teamspeak developers and helpers are always here on this forum. Even tho the old one is gone you can still ask for help here :slight_smile:

The old forum link will be back soon, I did say I’d let you know when it goes and I meant it. When it is back grab everything you may want/need. The next time it goes away it will be for the last time.


I don’t know how I should feel about ‘grab everything you may want/need’.

There is so much useful Information in the old forum that we don’t have here, and It would be sad to see it getting shut down/removed completely, and I seriously don’t want to download the entire site. I’d love to see it being online since it’s a piece of teamspeak history. Maybe (as a example) change the domain to oldforum.teamspeak.com or something like that, why take it down :frowning:

Well older forums was powered by vBulletin. It costs hundreds of dollars every year if u run. Pretty much an extra investment for them.

Now at least that money will be put to good use lol.

I am sorry to say this, but new “forum” just sucks. So many things wrong - dont even start me. Big hairy balls.

You named new board “community” - its pretty much ironic because you just ultimately disrespected and destroyed your community by erasing years of work, thousands posts by members of community. There were so much usefull info on forum.teamspeak.com, so much efforts users put into it. And now you just arbitrary decide you dont need it anymore because why? you dont like how “old” forum looks? No better way to kill community but to say they dont matter.

“When it is back grab everything you may want/need. The next time it goes away it will be for the last time.”
I am sorry, what do you suggest? Am I suppose to just parse all site and deploy it somewhere? Maybe I will. If I have a problem I google it and most of the time it leads me to forum.teamspeak.com thread with answer needed. No more.

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There is a way to grab everything.


But we would have to dig the whole forum so that everything would be saved. Who wants to do this? Because it appears that we need.


The community and teamspeak are going to have a big problem if a couple of hundreds dollars are hurting the business. I would rather spend those hundreds of dollars and safe thousands of peoples with teamspeak problems, just like @paults said.

This is very true and now If you google your problem about teamspeak you will land here, without an answer and you have to login and make a thread to ask if anyone can help you, and most people don’t have time for that.

I really think it should remain in an online archive state. Maybe update banner there with links to community where you had the login and account information. It is a very large wealth of information going back to at least TS2 days. As others have mentioned, others have put a lot of time supporting people there, and while I see the need to update, the old should not be forgotten. I still would have liked it if you migrated the old accounts over to myTS accounts and been able to migrate that data. I don’t think it would have been too hard to link them on email addresses.


I would really love to see the old forum stick around but as I don’t think it will exist much longer I’m currently recursively wgetting wverything I can…
I got only ~ 120 GB for this little project as my drives are currently pretty full.
Since running for roughly 24 hour I already got this many files:
The folder is currently at 23 GB so there is space for a little more…
I have no idea about the legal stuff behind uploading this to the archive later though.

If anyone else wants to do the same:
wget \
     --recursive \
     --no-clobber \
     --page-requisites \
     --html-extension \
     --convert-links \
     --restrict-file-names=windows \
     --domains forum.teamspeak.com \
     --no-parent \

I think I have difficulties registering new forum.

What you guys begging for the old forums to stay probably don’t understand is the risk you get from keeping old web software up and running in an unmaintained state.

It’s not just the license which costs money, it’s the patches and security updates which nobody wants to apply to a place that is essentially dead.

It’s still interactive web software which is active and running even though nothing can be posted anymore. It’s connected to a database and it has write access to a file system. It just takes one previously unknown critical vulnerability in the old forum software and you find yourself in a situation where your abandoned forums start spreading spam or viruses, especially when nobody is actively monitoring the place anymore.

Besides that, the majority of the old forum’s content refers mainly to dead or soon to be dead products. That’s really not something that needs to be archived indefinitely.

Technology moves on. So do communities. Get over it.