Old simple ts2 overlay

Old simple ts2 overlay :joy::blush::blush::blush:

Such TS2 Overlay did not exist or at least was not developed by us.


Anyway…it was included with ts3 at some point.

This overlay was 3rd Party software where we supported the Dev like we did with Overwolf.


Whatever dude, It is nice to let me know, but it was a very cool and useful feature.
It will be nice to have it back.
Overwoolf wasn’t liked that much, it generated more issues than being useful.

I actually like overwolf

Yeah, like you probably, the new generation, having more hippy colorful, full of animations, and widgets overlay make more sense. for you, it never matters having serious problems like random mouse hooks, high CPU usage, High DPC latency, random crush, the delay between animations and sounds, and at some point, it got blocked and started causing issues with other more important overlays and some anti-cheats.

Unlike us, old-school 1.6 and wow players, a super simple overlay was enough.
An overlay for a gaming com application is mandatory, it has to be effective, stable, light ,lag free.

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I am with you. I HATE Overwolf. With a passion. I don’t want to spend time setting it up for individual games. Just give me a basic overlay without all the BS. That is all I ask. I am actually considering moving to another voice server to find this functionality. But that is just me. :frowning: