One key to mute microphone and then speakers

I would like to have one key that does all the muting I need - that means both microphone and speakrs.
The idea is - press the button for first time to mute microphone, press is for second time to mute speakers and press it for third time to unmute.
Is that possible?
I use both TS3 and TS5.

I don’t think this is particularly useful.
To mute/unmute the microphone, it is sufficient to simply click on the microphone icon.
When you mute the speakers on a server, you also mute the microphone.
If you are on several servers at the same time, it can get quite complicated if you mute/unmute yourself completely using one specific button.

The reason I want to do this is to mute myself ingame (F1 2020).
Sometimes I just need to mute the mic, when there’s someone in the room.
Other times, when I need to focus, I need to mute speakers.
So for me it is useful :slight_smile:

I see, but that should be possible with hotkeys.

Unfortunately, I’m not at home right now and therefore can’t try it myself.

I can’t seem to figure out the way to do so. Do you have any idea how?

The only way to get this is to use different hotkeys for the actions. Or the same in case you can accept that everything mutes and un-mutes.