One Time Passwords

Is it possible to create password only a limited ammount of users can use to access my teamspeak?

No. But a temporary server password where you set how long it is valid.

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TS3 allowed me to make passwords that were temporary, and I could decide for how long they last.

But with TS5 I can find no such option. I’ve looked throughout TS5 for a few days now, and I just cant find it.

I think that option should exist in the same place as where to make invites is located. If I’m missing something here, please give very detailed instructions (maybe with pictures, or videos), as to where to find it, and how to use it, for those that may not know.

Thank you!

I think It is still not possible to do that on ts5. Maybe it will be in the future in new versions.

That will temporary password in the upcoming beta 71

One time passwords aren’t planed