Option to change Chat Timestamp Date Format

Please add a way to change the timestamp date format from the dreaded US MM/DD/YYYY format to what most of the world uses meaning DD/MM/YYYY and YYYY/MM/DD. As a european company this should be there from the get go…

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This might be already be a ticket, as I forwarded it to @TS_Dennis 3 weeks ago, currently it is depending on the language set in the Client. So if you’ll set the language to German, the format changes to DD/MM/YYYY, therefore I pointed out that it should be independent from the language.

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Great to hear that i’m not the only one :slight_smile:

There truly should be an independent format setting.
Seeing how even the American format differs from English, which in turn differs from Australian, it seems fully logical to set your own preferred format.

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Fully agree. Region (especially the Format) settings should be used if found in the current operation system.