Option to hide top-right buttons

These buttons aren’t always useful.
For instance, as a tiling window manager user, I close windows using a keybinding, the minimize button does nothing, and I don’t even know what the middle button is supposed to do.
With teamspeak3, the title bar is hidden (actually it’s not even supported by my wm, but the result is the same) so these buttons are not here. But teamspeak5 displays them “manually” in the application frame, and there is currently no way to hide them.
Adding an option would be nice. And even if most users will not need it, it should take nothing more than a couple of minutes to implement it anyway.


Teamspeak should add the option to choose between their custom titlebar and the titlebar that is based on the WM theme. For the last option, I would just put the classic bar over the whole window and remove the icons on the top right. This allows everyone to change the titlebar as they wish. For example, to hide it. :+1:

...just for the others to know, it's about the Linux version.

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