OVH is on fire

This is not directly TeamSpeak related, but most of EU people has his server hosted on OVH, so if it’s not working, check this, maybe we can collect information on the status of the incident.

Official status updates are here:

I collected some images from twitter of the fire if you are interested, it helps you understand the entity of the damage.


video of firefighters


just to know, these are the clusters names



Our server is destroyed in this fire…
Even though we had a daily backup, everything was stored on the server.
Our only luck was that we had a backup 2 weeks ago on one of our machines.

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mine was destroyed too, can’t find any decent and recent backup, unfortunately

Ours is on SBG1, but until Monday they have said that they will not give current, but one part was affected, so I don’t know if it will touch us or not. I was told to hire another service and upload your backup

They are sending emails saying that SBG1 is not recoverable too, I had one there too and mine is not going to be recovered

I just read their email and it is true, as you say, what solution is there? hire server again? It is in French and the translator does not help the explanation