Own badge for my Community?

Hi! I wanted to ask a few things about my community’s partnership badge.
Is it possible to create a badge?
Regarding the previous question, I want to say that my community is quite famous, we clearly have a number of people, well, we also have the Sponsor license, etc.
How long would it take to create?
Would it be possible?.

Sorry, but there is no way, to create or to get your own badge.

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Ok, thanks you, as they had told me that if you could.

Only TeamSpeak can create badges. At this moment they don’t create badges for small groups or communities.

Who said that to you?

You better use client icons. The result is the same on your server. :slight_smile:


I gues the support told him.

The support is not involved in the developement process thats why they don’t know if the creation of an own badge is not possible


There is a Post where the Support answer a guy the same question about TeamSpeak Badge creations.

even if its out of date


Ok thank you for the Info. :slight_smile:

Nah. And Development is not involved in that process.

Nope. That’s still up to date.

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