Permanent server messages / Text only channels


I appreciate that privacy is highly valued within TeamSpeak and that you can only receive and read messages while you are connected to a server channel.

However, a lot of stuff is done asynchronously today. Therefore text-only channels with messages stored (encrypted) on the server sound like a good idea to me. Privacy concerns could be avoided by password-protected servers/channels, as well as notifications about channels where messages were stored and could be read by anyone allowed to join the channel.


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This is the single biggest issue I have with Teamspeak and it’s why it will never be adopted again by many. Online communities, whether it be groups of friends, or large scale organisations, need ways to communicate with users whilst they are offline. The privacy concerns are understandable for a small section of the TS community, and that’s fine, but for the vast majority of groups, this isn’t just a feature that’s nice to have, it’s an absolute requirement.

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